9 Easter Eggs You Need To Look Out For In Doctor Strange

9) Masters Of The Mystic Arts

We don’t spend a lot of time with the Ancient One’s other pupils who aren’t Strange, Mordo and Wong, but when they do get name-checked they’re revealed to be important figures from the comics.

First up, the older Asian man who Strange mistakes for the Ancient One is called Master Hamir. This is an allusion to Hamir the Hermit, a character who appeared in the early Doctor Strange comics.  He was the manservant of the Ancient One and was revealed to be Wong’s father, who is Strange’s manservant in the comics.


The protector of New York’s Sanctum – until he is killed by Kaecillius – is named Daniel Drumm (at least in the official prequel comic). On the page, Daniel Drumm is the twin brother of Jericho Drumm AKA Brother Voodoo, a magical ally of Strange’s. In fact, he later takes up the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme from Strange and renames himself Doctor Voodoo.

The most interesting, though, is the inclusion of Tina Minoru as a fellow Master. The name will pop out to fans of Brian K. Vaughn’s Runaways, as Tina is the mother of teenage witch Nico in the comics and a member of supervillain group the Pride.