9 Reasons Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm Is The Best DC Film Of All-Time

The Origin Of Batman

Much like Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, I’m sure that Thomas and Martha Wayne are sick and tired of seeing their deaths replayed (or re-imagined) over and over again. I guess it’s essential to understanding Bruce’s motives in becoming Batman, but it’s become a tired cliché of every Batflick so far.

Here, in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, we see more of how Bruce became the Caped Crusader, moving away from the reasons why of other films. It isn’t an origin story per se, however, only utilizing selective flashbacks that enhance the main plot. This is a welcome change, since becoming a crime fighter isn’t just a quick transformation in a telephone booth (gotcha, Clark). I mean, just last week, I thought about saving a colleague from a potential written warning but lunch beckoned, so I had to make the tough choice of which sandwich to eat.

Watching Bruce foil an armored car robbery and then realize that he didn’t strike enough fear into the criminals was a monumental moment in this animated feature. Even without the iconic cape and cowl, Bruce proved he’ll always be a badass deep down.