9 Reasons Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm Is The Best DC Film Of All-Time

The Loneliness Of The Crime-Fighting Life

For as long as the character has been around, we’ve always seen Batman as perpetually alone – somewhat apprehensive and afraid of having a significant other due to his lifestyle. However, his relationship with Andrea Beaumont showed us how he would’ve thrown away the crime-fighting escapades for a lifetime of routine with her, only to have his heart broken by her calling off the engagement.

Yes, being Batman is a burden, but do you really think that Bruce likes to go to bed alone all the time? This film is a real emotional journey into the psyche of the man, who has given up any form of normality for a vow. It’s deeply tragic and somewhat Shakespearean, if you think about it.

We’ve yet to see such a vulnerable and emotional Bruce like we did in this film. It peeled back the layers and showed us there’s a real person with real feelings and emotions, which we don’t always see in other adaptations. After all, no one knows what it’s like to be the sad man…