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A Classic Harrison Ford Movie Is Coming To Netflix Next Month

Fans will have easy access to an amazing sci-fi classic.

Harrison Ford fans can catch his classic sci-fi film Blade Runner: The Final Cut next month on Netflix. 

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Blade Runner is one of the most iconic sci-fi films of all time, starring Harrison Ford as a former police officer turned blade runner Rick Deckard in 2019 Los Angeles. Deckard is tasked with destroying four bioengineered humanoids, called replicants, but soon finds himself involved with a replicant that believes she is human.

Blade Runner received mixed reviews from critics when it was first released, but it soon became a cult classic. It is now considered one of the best sci-fi films of all time, influencing dozens of other movies, video games, and other media. The film has also been edited and cut into seven different versions, each with slight changes or added or removed content.

According to Decider, The Final Cut version is coming to Netflix next month, which includes the original version of the unicorn dream scene, and features alternative edits and three violent scenes from the international cut. The Final Cut was put together by Ridley Scott for the 25th anniversary of Blade Runner in 2007. The Final Cut was originally released in a multi-disc box set with behind-the-scenes content alongside the film. 

Fans who have not seen the final cut of Blade Runner will have the chance to enjoy it on Netflix in September. Even if you have seen another version of the film, revisiting The Final Cut is a fun experience. 

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