A comedy that broke both of Jeremy Renner’s arms is a hit on streaming

jeremy renner tag

Jeremy Renner is no stranger to the rough and tumble of the stunts, set pieces and pyrotechnics that come with the action genre, and we’re not just talking about his decade-long stint as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Hawkeye.

The two-time Academy Award nominee has also appeared in S.W.A.T., 28 Weeks Later, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and sequel Rogue Nation, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters and The Bourne Legacy throughout his career, all of which feature plenty of running and/or gunning.


However, the most serious injury Renner has ever suffered in his career came on the set of lightweight comedy Tag, when he fell off a stack of chairs and somehow managed to break both of his arms. Instead of derailing production, the post-production team opted to use CGI to digitally remove his casts.

The story of five lifelong friends reuniting each year to play the titular game in a battle that’s been ongoing for 25 years sounds far-fetched, but it’s actually based on an incredible true story. The movie doesn’t really do it justice, even if it’s a fitfully entertaining romp. HBO Max subscribers have clearly been enjoying it, though, with Tag currently the fifteenth most popular title on the platform as per FlixPatrol.