A Fan Might Have Correctly Guessed The Plot Of The Animated Super Mario Bros. Movie

Fans are already trying to guess what the plot might be for Illumination’s upcoming take on the incoming Super Mario Bros. movie. Though the film isn’t set to release until sometime in 2022, a lot of buzz has been generated about the project ever since the official cast announcement was made by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto himself during a Nintendo Direct last month.

Now one Reddit user’s plot outline is gaining traction on the FanTheories subreddit for its plausibility. User Night-Monkey15 explains that while their prediction is nothing more than speculation, they did talk out extensively with a sibling for a treatment that wouldn’t be too off the mark for a game premise and that utilizes some of the side characters we know will be part of the film.

In the fan theory, the user states they believe it will be set in a time where Bowser, played by Jack Black, has been for years trying to kidnap Princess Peach, played by Anya Taylor-Joy. But King Koopa is thwarted time after time by Mario, played by Chris Pratt. It’s only when Bowser enacts his most ambitious plan of all that he succeeds for the first time, recruiting other Mario foes from favorite Nintendo franchises in the process:

“This massive plan would have him recruit Donkey Kong and maybe even Forman Spike, Kong wants revenge on Mario for beating up his dad Cranky Kong and if Forman Spike joins Bowser he’ll probably be building whatever Bowser wants him to. Also, Kamek will probably end Bowser’s right-hand man and might be portrayed as the straight man to an idiot Bowser.”

The user goes on to explain that Seth Rogen’s Kong would likely have a redemption arch of some kind, defecting against bowser and joining Mario and friends. And the user goes on to speculate that Peach most likely will branch off into an independent adventure after being rescued by Mario, similar to the end of 2017’s Mario Odyssey videogame. We think that’s a fairly good guess about where the characters might end up by the time the movie finishes.

We can all collectively find out how the Italian plumber’s adventures unfold when the Super Mario Bros. movie comes to theaters during holiday season 2022.