A Forgotten Tim Burton Film Sees Online Revival

It’s basically impossible to have gone through life without seeing something worked on by Tim Burton. While he has produced iconic classics like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride, he’s also made mostly forgotten films like Hansel and Gretel only ever appeared on TV once before almost becoming lost media.

Now, the short film that played before Hansel and Gretel all the way back on October 31, 1983, is finally being remembered for the masterpiece that it was. Burton teamed up with legend of horror Vincent Price to create a special stop-motion film titled Vincent back in 1982. Price even lends his iconic voice to the film as the main character.

While the short film originally only aired on TV and was at one point included on the VHS version of The Nightmare Before Christmas, thankfully it’s available to watch for free online thanks to the wonderful power of YouTube. Check it out below!

Now, thanks to Reddit, tons of fans of horror are sharing their memories of the movie in a now-viral post, praising the film and being grateful to have been reminded of just how excellent it truly is.

Though others pointed out that the premise of the film is a tad silly…

Though of course, we all miss the horror legend.

So what do you think of this forgotten Tim Burton film? Talk about it in the comments!