A Legacy Hangs In The Balance In Blistering Full Trailer For Cars 3


It’s only when we hit our lowest point that we’re open to the greatest change. At least, that’s how the old saying goes, and it’s one that very much applies to Lightning McQueen’s journey in Cars 3, the animated threequel from Pixar and director Brian Fee that’s booked in for release on June 16th.

Hot off the unveiling of Nathan Fillion’s suave charmer, Sterling, the Pixar Brian Trust has today lifted the tarpaulin on the new (and potentially final) Cars 3 trailer in which we find Armie Hammer’s boisterous newcomer Jackson Storm cementing his place as the hottest stock car on the circuit. However, that blistering rise to fame comes at the expense of Owen Wilson’s Lightning McQueen, who finds his once ironclad legacy hanging in the balance.

Previous Cars movies have toyed with the idea of the hotshot versus the old guard, and in this instance, Brian Fee’s star-studded threequel will be told through the lens of a stock car fast approaching the end of its tether. But Lightning still has some mileage in the tank to spare, and after a six-year hiatus, we’re excited to see Pixar’s racing series light up the silver screen once more. Joining Wilson, Hammer and Fillion in the voice booth are Bonnie Hunt, Tony Shalhoub, Paul Dooley, Cheech Marin, Katherine Helmond, Larry the Cable Guy, Angel Oquendo, and Darrell Waltrip.

From this moment, everything will change. Cars 3 will be with us on June 16th. History has taught us that the Cars franchise struggles to hit the dizzying heights of Pixar’s other properties – critically and commercially – so we’re intrigued to find out if Brian Fee’s threequel revs the series all the way to box office glory.