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A Marvel Zombies Live-Action Project May Be In Development

After the Fan-Favorite What If? episode there could be more Marvel Zombies in the works.

A drawing of Zombie Captain America
Marvel Comics

Fans have been treated to many unique takes on Marvel stories thanks to the currently airing animated series Marvel What If? And according to reports, a live-action is project is in production in the vein of a fan-favorite episode.

Episode Five brought Marvel Zombies to the small screen as many of the iconic Marvel characters were inflicted with a virus that left them zombified. According to Mark Miller’s recent newsletter (Via Comicbook Resources), a live-action Marvel Zombies project may be in production.

“If my sources are correct, a little live-action Marvel Zombies further down the line, but you never heard that from me.”

The premise for zombies in the Marvel universe isn’t unique or crafted for the What If? Series. Marvel Zombies first came to fruition with a five-issue limited comic series that began in late 2005 written by Robert Kirkman with illustrations by Sean Phillips.

With the love this run received it spawned quite a few spin-offs, most recently with the Marvel Zombies: Resurrection story in 2020.

It isn’t clear from Miller’s hint whether the project would be a film or potentially a tv-series exclusive to Disney+ as has been the case with Disney’s more obscure stories. Outside of this source, there hasn’t been any further information about this project so at this time there’s no indication where it is at in the production cycle or official news that it is indeed on the horizon.

Fans who are eager to see this become a reality will have to sit tight and hold out hope that one day the project comes to fruition.

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