A New Netflix Horror Movie Is Already Facing Controversy

It’s not too often something on Netflix faces anger before it even releases but it’s not impossible. Shows like Q-Force had petitions to have it canceled before it even aired as a prime example. Still, the latest Bandersnatch-like interactive experience to hit the platform had people up in arms before it even came out.

Escape the Undertaker features famous WWE wrestler, The Undertaker, and the famous wrestling stable The New Day. The three black WWE superstars have entered The Undertaker’s mansion and viewers have to help them try to survive in a choose-your-own-adventure style adventure.

Unfortunately, The Undertaker’s real-world controversial views have already made things difficult for the new property. Mark Calaway has previously supported the controversial Blue Lives Matter movement and also donated to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. This, combined with the interactive film featuring him chasing black men, has had many Netflix viewers furious.

Before Escape the Undertaker became available on October 5th but before its release, wrestling fans on Reddit were already calling it out for being problematic. When the trailer was shared on /r/SquaredCircle, a subreddit for wrestling discussion, fan reactions were less than stellar.

Now that it’s out in the world for people to experience, it seems that it’s not a surefire hit with viewers either.

So is there going to be more drama for Netflix or will Escape the Undertaker be a major hit? Let us know what you think!