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A poorly-rendered shark attack thriller surfaces to hit #1 on streaming

Not every movie gets to be 'Jaws', but that's not an excuse.

the requin
via Saban Films

One of the most popular forms of creature feature in existence is the shark attack thriller, as has been the case for almost half a century since Steven Spielberg’s Jaws kept an entire generation out of the water. None of them have come close to matching the classic status of the game-changing blockbuster, but some have been massively enjoyable and exceedingly entertaining in their own right, although that definitely doesn’t include The Requin.

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To be fair, nobody goes into a relatively low budget monster movie expecting the world, but writer and director Le-Van Kiet’s oceanic escapade fared terribly, even by the low standards to which the shark subgenre is held. A 23 percent Rotten Tomatoes score is about par for the course, but it’s the 7 percent user rating that really sticks out.

That’s a jaw-droppingly horrendous number for a project geared specifically towards those who love nothing more than seeing recognizable actors become chum, but The Requin has nonetheless managed to take a bite out of the number one spot on Hulu. As per FlixPatrol, subscribers have opted to spend their weekend with the panned production, which had been steadily swimming up the ranks all week before surfacing at the summit.

As tends to be the case with almost every shark-related story, The Requin follows Alicia Silverstone and James Tupper’s couple on a remote beach getaway, which takes a turn for the deadly when they find themselves swept out to sea and left to fend for themselves against a cabal of hungry great whites. Silverstone is good value for money, but everything else is painfully lacking.