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A post-apocalyptic thriller that was a brief Netflix sensation before being forgotten seeks out fresh support

Like many Netflix originals before it, the movie opened big and then vanished completely.

black crab
via Netflix

Netflix might churn out a huge volume of original movies that make a sizeable splash on the viewership charts, but how many of them actually stick around and linger in the memory for longer than a couple of weeks, maybe a month or two, tops? Not Black Crab, that’s for sure.

You’d be forgiven for forgetting the post-apocalyptic action thriller existed at all, even if it only premiered on the platform this past March. Just like so many in-house exclusives before it, and inevitably many more to come, the icy tale of Noomi Rapace’s Caroline heading off on a trek across the frozen seas to transport a cargo pivotal to safeguarding the future of humanity came and went from the collective consciousness in an instant.


Even though it became Netflix’s number one film in 21 countries and nabbed a Top 10 position in no less than 88 nations during its first weekend as part of the library, Black Crab has already long since become a footnote in history. The middling response from critics and subscribers may have played a huge part in that, but an intrepid Redditor is at least trying to drum up some renewed support.

The film is fine for what it is, allowing Rapace to showcase her ass-kicking and dramatic credentials once more in another streaming star vehicle following on from Netflix bedfellows Bright, What Happened to Monday, and Close, but when acclaimed originals and mega budget blockbusters end up being cast aside in short order, a mediocre Swedish genre flick didn’t really stand much of a chance at longevity.

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