A second ‘Evil Dead Rise’ trailer homages Sam Raimi’s unmistakable style

Evil Dead Rise is bringing bone-chilling horror back into cinemas, and an international trailer has been released with even more footage.

The red band trailer which has adorned official social media accounts for the film was received very positively, but we’ve been issued another one which has gone under the radar. The international trailer, which looks to be working as a green band promo, offers an almost completely different look.

This “second” trailer showcases what look like serious homages to Sam Raimi and his original trilogy, including use of his iconic crash zooms, titled cameras, and more darkly comedic moments. The crash zooms in particular are very welcome, seeing as they were such an essential part of the first three.

Interestingly, the footage also begins instead with the exterior shot of the apartment, and sees its male cast members feature much more prominently. All the blood, guts, and gore are mostly removed, with this a much more atmospheric glimpse at director Lee Cronin’s vision.

Cronin has previously said over 6500 liters of blood were used in the production of Evil Dead Rise, which is hard to miss in the red band trailer. Special shout-out to the flooding blood doorway scene, too.

The exact spot in franchise continuity where it takes place in is still unclear, with Bruce Campbell not returning as Ash, nor is Lucy Lawless or anyone else. Raimi and Campbell both acted as executive producers for the film, with the former mostly retired from the Evil Dead series.

Evil Dead Rise is scheduled to release in cinemas April 21, 2023. Thankfully, it graduated to a full release and will avoid the fate of the canceled Batgirl.