A Surprising Movie Takes Top Spot on Netflix’s New Rankings System


With over 210 million subscribers around the world, Netflix has been a global enterprise for a long time, but the streaming service’s new method of sharing viewership data has seen the rankings split into English and non-English film and television content.

On one hand, you can understand the decision when the vast majority of most-watched movies and TV shows are going to be high-profile American-backed titles, so dividing the charts should in theory give audiences the chance to discover more foreign productions that they otherwise wouldn’t be aware of.

When it comes to the first set of figures under the new model, Red Notice positively destroyed the competition by racking up 148.7 million in 48 hours, making it Netflix’s biggest opening weekend ever, which is about the bare minimum you’d expect from a $200 million actioner starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot.

Over on the non-English side of things, though, Italian crime thriller Yara has comfortably seen off the rest of Netflix’s slate by topping the rankings in its second week as part of the library, even though 17.9 million hours is a tiny little drop in the ocean compared to the mammoth numbers pulled in by Red Notice. Then again, number one is number one, no matter which way you slice it.