Fans Dissect Their Favorites With Netflix’s New Viewership Data

Following the release of Netflix making its viewership data more transparent — at least for their top 10 most trending titles in various categories — movie and TV fans are having fun dissecting the popularity of their various beloved franchises.

The platform with which Netflix is displaying the data was launched Tuesday with its own dedicated website called Top 10 on Netflix. Though the streaming service already has a Top 10 list, this new platform will provide significantly more data, such as titles being broken down by category, by country, and their top 10 highest ranking films of all time.

The move is significant because until now, Netflix kept its viewership data mostly under wraps, or in very sporadic one-off announcements for only its most successful shows and movies, CNN reports.

This new data, which is largely measured in how many millions of hours a certain title is streamed overall within specific criteria, is something movie and TV nerds on Twitter are having an absolute heyday to poke around in.

For instance, we previously knew the Ryan Reynolds-helmed Red Notice was topping the charts. But now we know that precisely 148 million hours of the film has been streamed since its release across the globe.

One Zack Snyder fan pointed out how his executive-produced Army of Thieves impressively charted in the number one spot for two straight weeks, as well as Army of the Dead consistently making the top 10 during that time.

One Twitter user even pointed out how Dave Chappelle’s controversial special The Closer somewhat surprisingly hit only 8th place in the global Top 10 English TV Shows as its best performance for one week.

One fan was singing the praises for Space Sweepers making the Top 10 Most Popular Films (Non-English) list.

Have you seen your favorite show or movie on Netflix‘s Global Top 10 platform yet? Did it surprise you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.