A Terrible Horror Sequel Is Blowing Up On Netflix


With Halloween falling on a Sunday this year, fans will have spent the entire weekend watching as many scary movies as possible to get them in the mood for the spookiest day on the calendar, even if many of them won’t be of the highest quality.

So many low-rent genre efforts soaked in blood, guts and gore arrive on an annual basis that randomly selecting one to fire up on a streaming service can often yield tedious results, but that hasn’t stopped Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2 from drawing in a sizeable audience on the world’s most popular platform, even though it’s being widely panned by both critics and audiences.


The first installment only arrived twelve months ago, so director Bartosz M. Kowalski clearly didn’t waste any time putting the second chapter into high gear. Rotten Tomatoes users have only deemed it worthy of a 41% score on the aggregation site, and they tend to be a lot more forgiving than affiliated reviewers, which is a worrying sign.

For what it’s worth, the plot follows the sole survivor of the first film, who almost immediately stumbles into another claret-drenched escapade, with only a rookie cop for support. Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2 has remained entrenched in the Netflix Top 10 since debuting as per FlixPatrol, but it’s very likely to plummet downwards from tomorrow onward.