A Terrible Vampire Movie Is Finding New Life On Streaming

Dracula Untold

Remember the Dark Universe? It’s okay if you don’t, the ambitious and ultimately misguided attempt at a shared mythology based on Universal’s stable of classic monsters was gone in the blink of an eye, with Tom Cruise’s The Mummy turning out so poorly that even the studio admitted the entire idea was a failure.

Reinventing tragic figures as the stars of mega budget blockbusters powered by A-list names was bizarre to begin with, but it wasn’t even Universal’s first attempt at updating their iconic roster of things that go bump in the night, although everyone outside of the production tried pretty hard to pretend Dracula Untold never existed almost as soon as it was released.

Dracula Untold

After shooting had wrapped, an epilogue was tacked on during reshoots that moved the action to the present day, which was designed with having Luke Evan’s Vlad become a recurring part of the Dark Universe alongside Charles Dance’s Master Vampire, only for The Mummy director Alex Kurtzman to immediately disregard it as canon.

Dracula Untold performed surprisingly well on Netflix at the beginning of this year, and it’s now pulled off the same trick on Hulu, having risen as high as eighth place on the streaming service’s most-watched list as per FlixPatrol. Not bad for a box office bomb that could only muster a 25% Rotten Tomatoes score, and wasn’t even wanted by the franchise it was supposed to launch.

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  1. Dinsdalesays:

    Dracula Untold was not a terrible movie, it was an excellent and entertaining movie, that took over 200 m. at the box office.
    Same applies for the Mummy, which was even better and took over 400 m.

    1. Luke Evans fan ❤️says:

      Dracula Untold was a great movie. Just wish Part 2 would come out soon. And that they keep Like Evans as Vlad and his wife in part 1.

      1. Vamp and lycan loversays:

        I agree I loved it and was looking forward to part 2.

      2. G mansays:

        ABSOFUKINLUTELY!!! One if not the best Dracula, PERIOD!!! PART 2 PLEASE!!!

      3. Beta Bsays:

        Oh yeah, I forgot about, Queen of the Damned…the best vampire movie ever,then the Blades and Underworld….

      4. bgirl59says:

        I LOVE Dracula Untold!!!

      5. Estersays:

        Yes they need to hurry up with part 2 please

    2. Mommaloosays:

      Yep I agree

      1. dominiclymansays:

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    3. Slicksays:

      I agree i liked it a lot

    4. Shazamnsays:

      I loved Dracula Untold….I watched it 3 times!

    5. Shazamnsays:

      I too loved Dracula Untold….I even watched it 3 times!

    6. Morgansays:

      Love both movies. I watch them at least once a month.

    7. Redsays:

      Thankyou I really loved this movie I wanted there to be a series but then I never heard anything I kind of thought it might not have produce the money they hoped but calling this a bad movie is ridiculous thank you guys for all standing up for this movie Evan Luke is really cool and paired with Charles dance is a phenomenal accused misspelling what the hell are they talking about these networks always screw up good movies and tv series because of stupid reasons oh that won’t fit my schedule lol 😂 this really 😡 pisses me off!

  2. Black Bartsays:

    I absolutely fell in love with this movie…watched probably 25 times before actually buying the movie video. I OWN 3 DVD’S AND DRACULA, UNTOLD IS MY #1 FAVORITE. And I’m 66! Don’t get why REVIEWS were so terrible. Guess it has a following like Rocky Mountain Horror Show. Go Figure…

    1. Robsays:

      I like this movie too. Why do people hate it so much?

    2. Jack jacksays:

      Definitely a great movie…deserving of a sequel

  3. Luke Evans fan ❤️says:

    I loved it!!

  4. Laurasays:

    I loved this movie. The visuals were amazing.

    1. Kalaansays:

      I didn’t think it was so bad

  5. Coolsean30says:

    You’re so wrong! The movie was very good!

    1. Beta Bsays:

      Bram Stoker’s Dracula was the best.

  6. Duecesays:

    Dracula Untold was a very good movie.. I do like the idea of bringing back the dark universe.. I think it would be better if they do those films for a streaming service.. Done correctly, they would all be huge hits and gain a following.

    1. June Almightysays:


  7. Tazzmansays:

    Yeah that’s cuz its actually a really good movie

  8. Cj40says:

    One of my favorite movies all time I absolutely loved it.

    1. Jenzmpsays:

      Loved it !!!! Bring it back please !!!!!

  9. Mommaloosays:

    I loved it. Wish they would do the 2nd part. Evans was stellar. Very much enjoyed it.

  10. Godfistsays:

    I don’t know where these critics and or people who write these stories are coming from but Dracula Untold was a really good movie as well as the Tom Cruise movie too. I was actually really hopeful to seeing sequels to these and more for that matter. I hope others feel the same way because these genre needs a comeback and with movies like these, they easily could because as a member of the REAL AUDIENCE and not these lame duck critics, I loved it and am hopeful that maybe just maybe Hulu or Netflix or some streaming service will follow through on them.

  11. DarkManacesays:

    Troll critic …except you , everyone will try to forget this so called review.👎

  12. Selestarsays:

    We need part 2 set in New York with fabulous brides . Dracula 2000 kind of sucked,bad costumes and plot.Looking forward 2 seeing Luke again

  13. The Rocksays:

    Very underrated movie.

  14. I absolutely love this movie and I own a copy. I was heartbroken when they didn’t do a sequel.

  15. Nemosays:

    Enjoyed this action pic.
    It’s the critics who pan everything they did the same with others such as the 13th warrior and priest with Paul bettany.
    These guys don’t know that a bit of fun and fantasy action can take you out of zone for a 1 1/2 hrs.
    Then they put the green knight as the best movie this year, sorry but that was the worst movie this year waste of 2 hrs in my life.

    1. Vipersays:

      Dracula untold did one hell of a show need to be a part 2 with same people

  16. Glenn Watkinssays:

    This article is BS.
    Dracula Untold is a great movie. 👍

  17. Deeziesays:

    I liked the movie. It was different. Not a remake, like most of these movies coming out nowadays. And it highlighted HOW Vlad became who he was… and Luke Evans is a great actor. Dominic Cooper did his thing too. Definitely wished there was a sequel

  18. Vincetosays:

    Completely love it yo Dracula Untold story so much had to watch it twice matter fact I think I’ll watched third time. Therefore please bring out part 2 with 🍒 un top thanks.

  19. SassyJollyJsays:

    Dracula untold was not a bad movie I love it, in fact I loved it so much I had to buy it!

  20. Fishfrysays:

    I never respond to these things. However i’m extremely happy to see everyone on one accord. This movie gives a fantastic and fresh view of a vampires world. We normally get the ice cold pictures. This was warm with a love of family. It was extremely well written with great star’s and co star’s.
    I have no idea what these people are looking for when they give reviews such as this. The box office numbers generated numbers well enough for a part 2.

  21. Stesays:

    Dracula untold was an awesome movie

  22. Hexsays:

    I actually loved The Mummy with Tom Cruise, to be honest.

    1. IceLarasays:

      Noooo! The Brendan Fraser 1 & 2 were the best. Ever

  23. Candymansays:

    The movie was good but not memorable…It wasn’t like other vampire flicks but that Man in the mountain character wasn’t really necessary and it mixed facts with fiction

  24. Radsays:

    This is total BS, this movie was good 👍🏾 My disappointment was not a follow-up to the second part based on the ending. Still awaiting sequel fingers ✌️.

  25. Oscar mad dogsays:

    Dracula unbound was good movie. Could it have been better? Yes! Pity we will never see Dracula making due in the 21 century.
    As for the up dated version of the mummy. TRAIN WRECK!

  26. Smeesays:

    Dracula untold was actually a really good movie for what it was. And was a great first movie for the dark universe. But sadly the director of the mummy messaged that up and pushed it aside and tried to make the mummy the first movie in the dark universe and pretty much destroyed at chance of it getting off the ground.

    1. IceLarasays:

      Dracula Untold, a much better movie than The Mummy. One stared Luke Evans, the other Tom Cruise. Go figure.

  27. EMogdrivensays:

    Very good movie. Not sure why rotten tomatoes bashed it. My family absolutely loves it.

  28. Jon Cveticaninsays:

    Terrible film??? It’s a great film, actually shows what the real life Vlad Tepes dealt with the Ottoman Turks.

  29. Kaliiboysays:

    This is why you dont listen to critics…the majority of the movies they think are good suck ass, and the good movies that are actually entertaining are disregarded by them… Go figure

  30. Only da TRUTHsays:

    I really liked Dracula Untold, i thought it was a good story not your typical BS vampire story and Luke Evan did a good job playing the role. I enjoyed Dracula more than i did the Mummy. I completely forgot i saw it, because i when i think of the mummy i think Brandon Frazier. IMDb agrees with me 6.3 Dracula untold vs 5.4 Mummy staring Tom Cruise, only drew $ because of the name Tom Cruise

  31. Jorgesays:

    Are you kidding me. This was one of the best vampire movies ever made…

    1. Reasays:

      I agree!! Dracula Untold was an excellent movie. I’ve watched it at least three times. Howcould anyone have ever been correct to say that this wasn’t a great movie I couldn’t say, but to each his/her own. And I give it 10 stars!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  32. Don't use your real namesays:

    I really enjoyed Dracula Untold. Looking forward for the next one.

  33. Tonisays:

    I loved the film

  34. Fuzzysays:

    I actually loved this movie. I usually wait to see which movies the critics put down then specifically watch them because they’re always opposite of what the critics report.

  35. A Huge Fansays:


  36. ALUCARDsays:

    Rotten Tomatoes don’t know there head from there ass, Dracula Untold is a great film.

  37. Shazamnsays:

    I loved Dracula Untold….I watched it 3 times!

  38. Paul mccannsays:

    I have to say this author has obviously not watched this movie. Rotten tomatoes is aso far off it is hilarious. If they make a second one I would love to see it.

  39. FLMsays:

    Terrible? This movie was AMAZING!!! I don’t get it. This movie got a reputation for being awful but I don’t know anyone who dislikes it.

  40. Drgnldysays:

    I loved it! Watch eveytime it comes on tv

  41. Horror Film Buffsays:

    Dracula Untold is far from horrid. I enjoyed seeing the Dracula story with the military history included. It did well on Netflix for a reason!

  42. DL Dizzlesays:

    It was not terrible at all. Not exactly the kind of thing I’d launch a ‘universe’ with, completely decent and entertaining in its own right. Universal should’ve just realized you don’t announce a shared universe before any of the films came out, and made money.

  43. Anonymoussays:

    First time commenting on this site, only because this article has completely made me distrust what you guys have to say. Movie was amazing, all around; with its cinematography, artistic approach to an existing incredible story – and overall likeness from the REAL audience. Completely surprised from this low level of content put out from you guys which we must all assume was simply for clicks, hopefully to save your name at the least stretch for content boosting. Our household of critics are absolutely uncertain for your future.

  44. Fearmosays:

    This movie was well done and very entertaining , great movie

  45. Mrswaagsays:

    I love Dracula untold that movie was one of tha best Dracula films 2 be made and the acting by Luke Evans is by far Superb and I was dying 4 a Continuation by never happen…., it never got what was rightfully deserved a sequel… shame on universal.. if netflix wants to explore this venture that absolutely SHOULD…. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Netflix Hulu Lets make this Happen LUKE EVANS is DOWN 4 another round just ask him

  46. Stupid articlesays:

    What kind of article is this. Both Dracula and the mummy were good films. This article is such a good example of “I personally did not like it so that must mean the rest of the world didn’t either” if this was supposed to be your opinion then I would get it, but it’s supposed to be about the fact that an AWESOME movie is now streaming and is doing VERY well on the streaming services. My husband and I used to love this site for movie reviews but now we are not so sure we trust it…

  47. Icesays:

    Dracula Untold was an AMAZING movie with a great twist,lots of action & special effects & great actors!- the writer of this article must just want attention & doesn’t KNOW a good movie when he sees 1!!!!

  48. Bcuzsays:

    I think Dracula untold was awesome one of the best movies ever made hands down my favorite movie maid well enough to watch it thousands times over and over and over Dracula untold is unique based on true stories and made Dracula look more of a hero.. the graphics and the way the movie was made was fantastic deserves 100% gratitude.. don’t understand why they’re complaining about the movie when everybody I know it had no problem and could relate to it in some kind of way

  49. Infinity Mansays:

    I could watch Dracula Untold over and over, I really liked it and thought it was a great movie with quality acting. It was a great telling of the Dracula story from a different perspective than Bram Stoker’s. I’m not familiar with the dark universe, but I will watch Dracula Untold again and again.

  50. Ravensays:

    Queen of the Damned was wack. The beat vampire movies EVER are Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Interview with the Vampire. HANDS DOWN

  51. Just want to say Untold was the best Vampire movie I have ever seen. The story alone was on point. I been waiting for part 2 were is part 2

  52. Kattsays:

    I loved it. Waiting on a part 2.

  53. Jonessays:

    Love it absolutely good.movie

  54. Jonessays:

    Absolutely a good movie like it

  55. Heavysays:

    It was a great movie I bought it the 1st day it was released on Blu Ray! Vlad The Impaler was a great King and Warrior! Been waiting on Part 2 and they need to bring back the Original Cast

  56. Works USAsays:

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  57. Michael Ogdensays:

    Usually if the critics hate a movie that usually means I’m going to love it.

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