Aaron Taylor Johnson’s Kraven Will Reportedly Fight All 3 Spider-Men


Despite what everyone’s been saying publicly, fans are still fully expecting the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man: No Way Home to feature Tom Holland fighting side-by-side with his predecessors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, to the extent that there are going to be a lot of unhappy people if it doesn’t happen, even though it’s never been promised by anyone.

In fact, Holland denied outright that Sam Raimi and Marc Webb’s Peter Parkers would be swinging by for cameo appearances, while Garfield offered a staunch rebuttal when asked if he was hiding any Spidey-related secrets about his upcoming filmography, and yet nobody believes a word to come out of either man’s mouth. And that’s without even mentioning that Maguire hasn’t starred in a live-action movie for seven years.

There are only two potential outcomes in this scenario. Either everyone’s super bummed when we don’t get the three Spideys, or nobody’s surprised after it’s confirmed. The latter certainly seems more likely and we’ve even heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Captain America 4 was in the works with Anthony Mackie before it was announced – that one of Sony’s long-term plans is to have Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Kraven the Hunter face off with the trio of web-slingers at some point.

Of course, there are an awful lot of ifs, buts and maybes between now and that potentially happening, but given recent comments from the Sony top brass, there’s clearly a plan in place for the MCU’s canonical Spider-Man to cross over with the SPUMC eventually. In fact, Kraven was long rumored as the big bad of Holland’s third solo outing before it settled on the multiverse. As such, it feels as though we’ll be seeing the big game hunter track down at least one wall-crawling superhero in the not too distant future, if not all three.