Ace Ventura 3 Reportedly Moving Forward With X-Men Star Eyed For Lead Role

Ace Ventura

1994 was the year that Jim Carrey came out of nowhere and quickly found himself as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood after Ace Ventura: Pet DetectiveThe Mask and Dumb and Dumber all turned out to be huge hits, with the actor’s rubber-faced shenanigans and penchant for slapstick leading the way in all three.

The following year, Ace Ventura was already back on our screens with When Nature Calls, which also did well in terms of box office dollars but marked a step down from the original, which most still hold in much higher regard to this day. That being said, both pics have a large amount of fans and because no property with any sort of name recognition can sit on the shelf gathering dust for too long in Hollywod, there’ve been rumbling that a long-rumored third installment is definitely in the works.

As of yet, there’s no official confirmation on such a project happening, but it seems that there’s definitely something coming down the pipeline as there’s been an interesting new development in the story tonight. Giant Freakin Robot brings word that not only is Ace Ventura 3 indeed moving forward, but one of the stars of Fox’s X-Men franchise is being eyed to lead it.

According to GFR, none other than Evan Peters, who’s currently making waves on WandaVision and Marvel fans will know as Quicksilver from the aforementioned superhero movies, is reportedly in the running to star in the threequel as Ace’s son. The outlet can’t confirm yet if Carrey will be involved, but it sounds like he’ll at least have a small role to pass the torch, so to speak, and set up Peters as the franchise’s new face moving forward.

Of course, we’d advise taking all this with the usual grain of salt, but as mentioned above, this is far from the first time we’ve heard that Ace Ventura 3 is coming together behind the scenes and with any luck, the studio will make it official soon enough.