Ace Ventura 3 Reportedly Headed To Amazon

Ace Ventura

Prime Video could be gaining a reputation as the go-to place for studio comedy sequels that end up going straight to streaming. Amazon outbid every other platform to secure the distribution rights to Borat Subsequent Moviefilm for a reported $80 million, which ended up becoming one of the most-watched titles of last year, and it’s since gone on to land a couple of Academy Award nominations.

The company shelled out even more to nab Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America when it was sold off by Paramount, and after spending $125 million on the project, it’s being touted as the most-watched streaming exclusive of the COVID-19 era, although that’s yet to be independently verified by anyone other than Amazon themselves.

Now, it looks like a third installment in the Ace Ventura franchise could be up next, after it was buried in a story about production company Morgan Creek that the pet detective will be heading to Amazon for a new movie with a script from Sonic the Hedgehog scribes Patrick Casey and Josh Miller, who must have struck up quite the friendship with star Jim Carrey on the set of the video game adaptation.

That being said, there’s no word of Carrey’s involvement, and history has shown that studios are more than happy to make follow-ups to his movies without having him on board, but we’ve heard on more than a few occasions now that the rubber-faced funnyman could be returning to his breakout role for the first time in a quarter of a century.

For the time being, though, details remain pretty vague about a potential Ace Ventura 3, but it’s the sort of legacy sequel that could really go either way in terms of quality, and it would all depend on the creative talent that winds up getting involved.