Adam Sandler Reportedly Looking At More Of His Old Movies To Do Sequels To

Adam Sandler

It’s almost impressive how little Adam Sandler has had to rely on sequels to his biggest hits in order to maintain his longevity, especially when the majority of his output ticks so many of the same boxes over and over again in terms of setting, plot, characters and humor, not to mention the fact that he’s reigned as one of the most recognizable and popular stars in the industry for well over two decades at this point without having a single live-action franchise under his belt.

Ironically, the only two roles he’s ever reprised combine to make up the five largest box office successes of his career. The three biggest earners from his entire filmography hail from the animated Hotel Transylvania trilogy, while his highest-grossing live-action efforts are Grown Ups and its sequel.

little nicky

That would make it pretty clear that his huge following would be more than happy to see him revisit some other characters he’s played over the years, and we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Luke Skywalker would show up in The Mandalorian season 2 – that the beloved actor could be looking dive into the Happy Madison back catalogue for inspiration.

According to our intel, Adam Sandler is reportedly considering the idea of making sequels to several of his most popular films, although specifics on which ones he’s eyeing remain unclear. Any of his star vehicles prior to Little Nicky would likely be subject to rights issues given that they were released before Happy Madison was formed to give the actor control over his intellectual property, but anything from the 21st Century should be fair game, and you can guarantee that his fans would love to see it happen.