Adam Sandler Reportedly Wants To Do More R-Rated Adult Comedies

Adam Sandler

As Netflix’s crown jewel, Adam Sandler is in the rare position of being able to do whatever he wants under the employ of the world’s most popular streaming service, because the numbers have more than shown that subscribers are going to lap it up regardless. Viewers have spent the equivalent of well over 200,000 years watching Happy Madison content, and anything even tangentially related to The Sandman is guaranteed to be a success on the platform, as evidenced by David Spade’s The Wrong Missy racking up over 50 million streams in four weeks.

However, it would appear as though Sandler could be venturing outside of his comfort zone on a more regular basis, having recently boarded existential sci-fi The Spaceman of Bohemia, while he’s also reportedly in talks to headline a self-aware horror comedy in the works from Midsommar and Hereditary director Ari Aster’s production company.

Not only that, but insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that the 54 year-old is looking to make some raunchier and more foul-mouthed adult comedies, but the tipster doesn’t offer any further details. Of course, looking at the overwhelming majority of his output over the last quarter of a century, the Uncut Gems star hasn’t exactly starred in a huge number of R-rated projects, at least under the Happy Madison umbrella, so seeing him venture into such territory would certainly be exciting.

Whether these efforts would release theatrically or end up on Netflix, Richtman doesn’t say. But given that Adam Sandler tends to make the same movies over and over again, it’d certainly be nice to watch him put out something a bit more edgy and mature than what we’re used to getting from him.