Adam Sandler Reportedly Wants To Start Doing More Theatrical Movies

Adam Sandler

The relationship between Happy Madison Productions and Netflix has proven hugely beneficial to both parties so far, to the extent that David Spade can headline a movie that draws in 55 million viewers in four weeks, something that’s impossible to imagine for any of the actor’s theatrical outings.

Adam Sandler is firmly established as the streaming service’s crown jewel, with both old and new content from the 54 year-old guaranteed to bring in massive numbers and stick around the Top 10 most-watched list for a long time. Sandler hasn’t changed his approach in the slightest, either. The only difference is that his standard comedy formula is now the exclusive property of a streaming service, and those billions of box office dollars have translated into the equivalent of over 200,000 years’ worth of streams.

The deal between Happy Madison and Netflix also gives The Sandman the freedom to venture outside of his comfort zone to make movies for other studios as long as his company isn’t involved behind the scenes. On that note, insider Daniel Richtman is reporting this week that Sandler wants to start appearing in more projects that score a theatrical release, and there’s absolutely nothing stopping him from doing so.

A24’s Uncut Gems raked in $50 million at the box office, thanks in large part to the leading man’s acclaimed central performance, while Sony’s Hotel Transylvania 4 is scheduled to hit the big screen in August. The exclusivity deal only pertains to his production company, so while we won’t be seeing any Happy Madison efforts at the multiplex for a long time to come, Adam Sandler himself is free to sign on to whatever he wants as an on-camera talent, and it’s not going to affect his standing with Netflix in the slightest.