Adam Sandler Teams Up With Netflix For Another New Movie

Adam Sandler

Last year’s Uncut Gems summed up what many people believe to be the most frustrating thing about Adam Sandler‘s career. On several occasions the actor has proven himself capable of delivering phenomenal performances in more serious fare, but those are very few and far between as he instead seems content to continue churning out the formulaic lowbrow comedies that he’s built his entire brand on over the last 25 years.

Although a lot of folks would disagree, Sandler claims that he’s never phoned in a performance in his life, and while the overwhelming majority of his output is routinely savaged by critics, it appears that Netflix subscribers can’t get enough of him, with the streaming giant reporting that over 2 billion hours of Sandler-related content have been watched since he signed an exclusive deal with them in 2014.

Adam Sandler

Next up for the 53 year-old is holiday-themed comedy Hubie Halloween, which sees him reuniting with director Steven Brill for the fifth time, and features a typically eclectic ensemble cast that obviously includes regular collaborators Kevin James, Steve Buscemi and Rob Schneider. Seemingly intent to make the most of his re-negotiated contract with Netflix though, Sandler is then set to move straight on to the newly-announced Dan Pan, because apparently alliteration and rhyming titles are his thing now.

Comedian Rebecca Drysdale wrote the most recent draft of the script, and while no plot details are available as of yet, most people can probably figure out for themselves what an Adam Sandler comedy on Netflix is likely to entail. Critics might be less enamored than ever with his recent string of movies, but based on the numbers alone, it appears that the arrangement between the Happy Madison head honcho and the world’s biggest streaming service is working out just fine for both parties.

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