New Adrenaline-Fueled Trailer For Premium Rush

Anyone else think Premium Rush looks so bad it has to be awesome?

Think about it: A skilled bike messenger (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) must outwit a corrupt New York City police officer (Michael Shannon) using the power of cycling. That’s not going to make a good movie.

Heck, the new trailer just reinforces my initial theory that the film is BMX Bandits reworked for American audiences. But with an excellent pair of leads, a solid (if not always spectacular) director in David Koepp, and hints of high-energy, well-coreographed stunt work, Premium Rush does look like it could be fun. And sometimes that’s all I ask for.

Today, we have the latest theatrical trailer to share with you; it’s a bit shorter than the first one, focusing more on the action than the story, and as I said, it looks sufficiently ridiculous. Take a look.

Premium Rush arrives in theatres August 24th.