After an underwhelming Comic-Con, DC fans hold out hope for FanDome

Image via DC

DC fans were mightily disappointed with WB’s SDCC panel, but fans have their fingers crossed that Fandome will deliver the goods.

There’s always next year. Rather, there’s always DC Fandome, at least for WB’s fans. Well, maybe there will be a Fandome in 2022 since DC has been suspiciously quiet about this year’s virtual event. 

The entertainment world is still shaking from the plethora of MCU announcements from Saturday’s San Diego-Comic Con. Marvel Studios laid out its entire Phase 5 schedule and dipped into Phase 6. The Wakanda Forever trailer wowed audiences and confirmed the arrival of the long-rumored Namor the Submariner. Kevin Feige and company revealed plans for more Avengers movies, including Secret Wars. They even announced Daredevil would be getting a new Disney+ show in 2024. And that’s only a fraction of everything unearthed at Marvel’s panel.

Meanwhile, Warner Brothers and the DCEU panel hit a flat note, and Twitter was quick to let them know it.

Seeing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson arrive in full Black Adam regalia along with another trailer was fun, but there was nothing new for fans to fawn over. The same goes for Shazam: Fury of the Gods and The Sandman, both of which had new trailers. Although both movies should be winners at the box office, DC was vastly overshadowed by Marvel once again. 

The biggest disappointment was not seeing Henry Cavill. Granted, WB/DC never promised that Cavill would appear at SDCC, but the rumors of him announcing his return as the DCEU’s Earth-One Superman were the talk of the con Thursday and Friday. For that matter, there were no updates on the two Superman projects announced last year. Likewise, there was no mention of The Flash, Batgirl, or any new additions to the HBO Max lineup. The only real news that sprang from DC this weekend was Jim Lee delivering the somber news that the Snyder-verse has been laid to rest.

Assuming WB and DC put together a DC Fandome in ‘22, they could be holding the major announcements for their solo event. Without a prospective date for the virtual event, fans are cautiously optimistic at this point.