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After seeing ‘Halloween Ends,’ fans are willing to cut Rob Zombie a break

The hate for 'Halloween Ends' is so real that old sequels are getting praised instead.

Halloween II Michael Myers
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One of the most difficult tasks to achieve in the aggregate of cinema is crafting a worthy sequel that lives up to the same vibrance as its predecessor. Although the task itself is challenging enough in the broad ticket, it can prove to be even more strenuous when it relates to the massive horror genre, which is certainly chock-full of lackluster sequels that flatlined upon release. While a collective of horror junkies will happily dissect a disastrous continuation, others will bite their tongues and offer up praise for underrated gems, including Rob Zombie’s Halloween II from 2009.

In the aftermath of Halloween Ends’ worldwide release, franchise veterans have collectively panned David Gordon Green’s newest feature, which many believe completely disconnects from prior Halloween films and contains a plethora of pointless plot points. As a result, the horror-loving masses have joined together to shower praise for Zombie’s bizarre and blood-soaked follow-up. Many fans have now hailed the film as superior to Halloween Ends.

Over on the r/horror subreddit, user u/Academic-Value1876 posted an eye-opening argument that Zombie’s sequel has an assortment of “highs,” including Laurie Strode’s character arc and the terrifying appearance of Michael Myers, who was portrayed by actor Tyler Mane.

OP’s post immediately garnered plenty of attention, with an array of horror users coming out of the woodwork to applaud both of Zombie’s Halloween films and stating them as annual spooky season classics.

In this day and age, it definitely isn’t unheard of for a Rob Zombie flick to be absolutely roasted by horror diehards. Yes, we’re looking at you, The Munsters. Nevertheless, considering the swirling outrage for Halloween Ends from both critics and audiences alike, it appears as though Michael Myers stans would be more than happy to binge Zombie’s god-awful movies rather than sit through Ends again. Ouch.

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