Alex Proyas To Direct AMP For Summit Entertainment

Alex Proyas, the man responsible for films such as Dark City and The Crow, is attached to direct Daniel H. Wilson’s unpublished sci-fi novel AMP. It’s a futuristic thriller which is “a mix of sci-fi action and political allegory reminiscent of District 9“.

This marks the second of Wilson’s novels to be picked up this year, back in October DreamWorks announced Steven Spielberg will direct an adaptation of Robopocalypse. The rights for AMP have been under auction for a couple of weeks, with Paramount and Working Title fighting for the rights, with the smaller Summit Entertainment sealing the deal.

According to Deadline, Wilson took the deal to Summit because he was impressed by Proyas, who had previously done the thoroughly rubbish Knowing with them. He is apparently planning to shoot the film Australia. The book however is not yet finished and Wilson plans to hire a screenwriter to transform his freshly written pages into a workable script, like Drew Goddard was doing with Robopocalypse.

No news as of yet when the film will begin shooting as it is yet to go through script stage. No word yet as to when the book will be published.