Deleted Scenes From Alien: Covenant Offer New Insight Into The Origins Of The Xenomorph


Alien: Covenant has officially wormed its way onto Blu-ray and DVD, bringing with it a slew of extras and deleted scenes from Ridley Scott’s somewhat divisive prequel-sequel.

As reported by Screen Rant, the enticing package also boasts a feature-length commentary from Scott himself, along with entire galleries dedicated to David and his illustrations of the Xenomorph and its many incarnations. Much like his ‘father’ before him, Michael Fassbender’s madcap android has an obsession with generating new forms of life, and uses the much-touted black goo as a pathogen (a biological catalyst, if you will) to birth the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, before bombing an Engineer-filled world with weaponized canisters.

That backstory serves as the foundation on which Alien: Covenant was built, but a new, two-part extra entitled ‘Sector 87 – Planet Four’ delves a little deeper into David’s twisted master plan. Mind you, it’s yet to be released online, but a detailed description from SR does reveal that Michael Fassbender’s ice-cold synthetic conducted extensive experiments on Shaw (Noomi Rapace) as he sought to create his own apex predator. Also of note, that alien DNA David was toying with was a genetic nanotech, as opposed to organic.

It’s supposedly a rather short sequence, and considering that Ridley Scott nixed 20 minutes of footage from Covenant‘s theatrical release, we’re a little disappointed that ‘Sector 87 – Planet Four’ was left on the cutting room floor. After all, Scott’s latest entry into this most beloved series arguably left us with more questions than answers, which proved to be the biggest criticism directed at Prometheus five years ago.

First released into theaters back in May, Alien: Covenant has since racked up $232 million worldwide, which is a solid, if underwhelming box office total. As such, the Powers That Be have reportedly called the immediate future of Ridley Scott’s prequel series into question, with reports suggesting that Fox wants to “reassess” Alien before committing to another two entries in the franchise. Stay tuned for more on that front.

Source: Screen Rant