James Cameron Tips Aliens For A 3D Re-Release


The Terminator, Alien, and Avatar – three franchises that have each been touched (and in some cases built) by the great James Cameron.

Currently in the process of fine-tuning his long-in-development Avatar sequel before filming commences in the fall, it’s understood Cameron has mapped out an astonishing vision for the lush alien world of Pandora, one that will presumably continue through until 2025.

Closer to home, the illustrious filmmaker is drumming up excitement for the upcoming 3D re-release of Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Set to debut in U.S. theaters first on August 25th before making its way across the pond in time for August 29th, Cameron has now teased that, providing T2 does the business, its success could pave the way for another 3D re-release: Aliens.

The ’86 classic is arguably one of the best sci-fi movies ever made, and its legacy is still being felt to this day – just look at how some of its story strands were woven into Alien: Covenant, while Neil Blomkamp’s shelved sequel hoped to revisit Ellen Ripley and Colonel Hicks soon after their harrowing mission aboard LV-426.

Alas, those plans have been placed on ice in favor of Ridley Scott’s ongoing prequel saga, but for those itching to catch Aliens on the big screen – and in 3D, no less – James Cameron has offered a lifeline.

We haven’t proven the business case yet so ask me again in a couple of weeks if T2 Judgement Day in 3D does well. I think the next title on my list, in terms of fan enthusiasm would probably have to be Aliens before I got to the other titles that you mentioned. Aliens seems to really hold up in people’s minds and that would probably be my next one. But we’ve got to prove the business case here so people have to show up. So show up!

Looking further afield, and in light of Covenant‘s middling performance, the immediate future of Alien appears to be up in the air, what with reports claiming that Fox plans to “reassess” Ridley Scott’s current blueprint. That’s disappointing, then, particularly for those who believe Alien: Covenant is actually a better movie than critics would have you believe.

Source: AvP Galaxy

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