Alleged Fight Scene In Captain America: Civil War Involves Three Major Players


UPDATE: New promo art for the film has surfaced, seemingly confirming which characters will be fighting for which side. Check it out above.

Among the pantheon of superheroes lining the roster of Captain America: Civil War, one of the most pressing questions hanging over Joe and Anthony Russo’s threequel is how they will be divided when the chips are down.

We’ve already caught wind of Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye and his own stance in the Phase Three showdown, but a new, yet-to-be-confirmed report published today by Heroic Hollywood has seemingly unearthed the details of a major fight scene in next year’s blockbuster.


It goes without saying that this nugget of information ought to be treated with a heightened degree of caution – Civil War is one of the biggest films on the industry’s radar, after all – but the actual details of the brawl, which will purportedly see two heroes team up on one another, ventures deep into spoiler territory unabated.

If you’re ok with that though, read on….

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