Alternate Endings To The Second Trailer For The Hobbit

Just yesterday, we brought you the second trailer for the first part in Peter Jackson’s highly-anticipated adaptation of The Hobbit. Like many others, I watched it a number of times and marveled at its beauty and epicness, but apparently the wealth of new footage did not end there.

Today, thanks to YouTube, we have four alternate endings to that trailer that give us the chance to see even more never-before-seen footage from the film.

Originally these were from the film’s official site where you could choose which ending you wanted to see with the trailer, but now they’ve been compiled for your viewing pleasure.

From these alternate endings, it’s clear that Jackson and company have infused the story with a good dose of humor, much like they did with The Lord of the Rings, which is always a good things to see, but from the rest of the trailer, we’ve also seen that the film has captured just the right tone for Tolkien’s novel, making it look like an amazing and rousing adventure.

We’re down to just three months before the first part of the trilogy hits theaters, but now that we’ve had this great taste of the film, these last three months are not going to go by quickly.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey finally arrives on December 14th.