The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Plot Details Leaked

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 still has over a year until it hits theatres, but speculation about the film is in full force as fans try to dissect every bit of information they can glimpse about Peter Parker’s next story.

Don’t think I’m any exception to this over-analyzation of the upcoming film’s plot. Just last week I wrote an article detailing various possible clues that Marc Webb has sent out through a series of cryptic Tweets and photos. But now, according to an unnamed source “close to the production,” who talked to Comic Book Movie, at least some of the popular topics for speculation can be put to rest.

First of all, the source says that Electro won’t be wearing his traditional green and yellow. Also, Max Dillon, Electro’s alter-ego, will be an Oscorp employee, which doesn’t come as a great surprise considering almost everything in the first film factored into Oscorp. The biggest bit of news that, if true, will dash the hopes of some internet sleuths is that the picture of the locker/morgue that Webb Tweeted doesn’t actually have anything to do with Venom, but rather it’s where Dillon is taken after an accident.

On the note of villains, the source also claims there won’t be any Green Goblin in this film, but the reveal will be hinted at and planted throughout. That doesn’t come as any huge surprise either. The Green Goblin is a big enough villain to warrant his own Spider-Man film, not merely an appearance alongside Electro.

The next bit of news, which really isn’t news at all, is the fact that Gwen Stacy will indeed die in this film. I thought this was accepted by everyone months ago, but it turns out there were still some dissenters who felt like ignoring the earlier reports. The source does claim that this death won’t happen at the end of the movie, but rather early enough that her role in the film is relatively small.

I’m always extremely wary of unnamed sources. With a name comes a person, and with a person comes an accountability to claims. Obviously when the source really is close to the production, they’re probably not allowed to be talking about the things they are, which is why they want to remain anonymous. Hence the whole “leak” tag instead of just news released by the cast or crew. Still, be careful about accepting this news as fact until it’s confirmed by someone official who has a name.

What do you think of this news about The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Do you buy any of it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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