What We’ve Learned About The Amazing Spider-Man 2 From The First Month Of Marc Webb’s Tweets

Twitter really is a wonderful thing. It allows fans to catch a glimpse into the thoughts and day-to-day activities of their favorite actors and directors and it allows the film media an opportunity to have access to news that previously would’ve been impossible to get unless we were on set ourselves.

Obviously some people involved with the entertainment industry use Twitter to connect with their fans much more frequently than others. One of those who has joined the more frequently camp is The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb. In case you’ve somehow missed Webb’s account, he’s been Tweeting a picture a day from the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, providing fans with a wide array of information to grasp at in hopes of finding out some secrets about the film.

Of course, it’s possible that Webb is just toying with all of Spidey’s fans, giving no real information but making it appear like he is revealing what everyone wants to know. Regardless, he’s proven that he’s as savvy as any marketing department when it comes to building anticipation for a film, as people simply can’t stop speculating what we’re going to see in Webb’s second take on the Spider-Man universe.

Today is the film’s 31st day of filming, meaning we’ve had a month’s worth of pictures to ponder over. In honor of that one month mark, I’ve attempted to decode a bit of what we’ve seen in order to sum up what we’ve learned from Webb’s tweets. Obviously I don’t have a copy of the script in hand, nor am I a close personal friend of anyone involved with the film. I have however studied these pictures and poured through the many arcs of Spider-Man comics in hopes of making some sense out of what we’ve seen. So read on to find out what we’ve learned from the many Tweets of Marc Webb.

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