Amazon Prime Is Adding Tons Of Great Horror Films Next Month


Following the premiere of Carnival Row on Amazon Prime, the streaming service will continue to give viewers action-packed, eerie features to watch once they finish the new show. There’s quite a bit coming to the platform, and all of the following suspenseful flicks are slated to hit on August 31st:

While none of these movies are hailed as classics in their respective genres, there’s still a lot to like about each. Curious film buffs may find that there are even a few diamonds in the rough on this list. In any case, all of these features are designed to provide some similar entertainment after people binge-watch Carnival Row. At least, that’s what Amazon Prime is hoping for.

hellboy1 (1)

The new neo-noir series starring Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom will drop one day prior to the release of all of the aforementioned flicks. The episodes will reportedly follow mythical creatures who’ve all left their war-torn homeland to gather in the city. Tensions will then begin to simmer between citizens and the rising immigrant population, which sounds like a not-so-subtle nod to the current strife affecting America, Germany, the United Kingdom and many other countries.

At the heart of the plot is an investigation into a string of unsolved murders. These killings do little to help the crumbling sense of peace that exists in the city and will inevitably lead to people turning against one another.

Given the recent success of Good Omens, Amazon Prime is hopeful that this similarly supernatural show will find an audience. Maybe the series will even get the same hilarious free publicity as its predecessor. Either way, Amazon Prime is hoping for a big month thanks to its upcoming original show and lineup of thrilling movies.

Carnival Row will premiere on August 30th, with the aforementioned films all following one day after.