Amazon Offers To Cancel Stranger Things If Netflix Cancels Good Omens


Amazon vowing to cancel a show that they have no say over? Stranger things have happened.

It all started when a Christian-led Return to Order campaign made headlines this week by starting a petition urging Netflix to cancel Good Omens. The miniseries is, in their opinion, “another step to make satanism appear normal, light and acceptable” and blatantly “mocks God’s wisdom.” The document gained serious traction on the Internet, though surely not for the reasons they’d hoped it would.

It wasn’t until over 20,000 protesters signed the entreaty that those in charge realized the acclaimed series is actually produced by Amazon. Naturally, both streaming services decided to find humor in the case of mistaken identity.

Netflix promised not to make any more episodes of the show, which shouldn’t be too hard considering the fact that they never made any to begin with. And now, Amazon has responded in kind by tweeting that they’ll gladly cancel Stranger Things, Netflix’s Emmy-winning supernatural phenomenon, if their competition would be so kind as to cancel Good Omens.

This is definitely not what those protesters had in mind when they started their campaign against the show. All they wanted was to force a beloved series off of the air and now they’re the butt of everyone’s jokes. All of this could’ve easily been prevented if even one person had done a quick Internet search prior to waging their war against the innocuous fantasy series.

Neil Gaiman, the author of the original source material behind the Amazon Prime adaptation, also delighted in the Christian group’s very public error. He responded to the controversy by saying, “I love that they are going to write to Netflix to try and get # cancelled. Says it all really.”

Though it’s currently unknown whether or not Gaiman’s work will get a second chapter, Stranger Things is set to return for a third season on July 4th. That is, unless Amazon somehow finds out a way to cancel Netflix’s hit show before then.

Source: Twitter