Netflix Announces Stranger Things Season 3 Premiere Date With Creepy Promo


It only took two seasons (and a truckload of Eggos) for Stranger Things to earn its status as both a Netflix staple and must-watch television.

Inspired by some of the film greats of yesterday (and starring the stars of tomorrow), the 80s-set sci-fi show takes place in the quaint town of Hawkins, Indiana, which gets caught up in the middle of a government conspiracy after the local energy department begins experimenting with dark forces beyond their control.

And so, the Upside Down was born. It’s a realm where sinister and evil things fester, and though Eleven and her friends were able to fend off the Shadow Monster and his pack of Demodogs during season 2, Stranger Things season 3 will be bringing us a whole new saga of thrills and supernatural spills when it premieres on July 4th.

Yes, that’s right, we now have a premiere date for the new run thanks to the creepy and cryptic promo up above. It starts off innocent enough, of course, with “footage of the final moments of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve as we watch the “big apple” drop to ring in 1985.” But it’s not long before things get a bit dark as the clip’s interrupted with some technological glitches which hint at something more sinister to come.

Don’t expect to learn any plot details from this promo – unless perhaps you dig really deep for some hidden easter eggs – but it’s an intriguing tease of what awaits us. And besides, we already know a little bit about what to expect, with Netflix having revealed that season 3 will jump forward another year and take place in 1985. We also know that Eleven will be sporting a new look, while her adoptive father, Sheriff Hopper, seems to be getting some luck in his love life for once.

On the whole, it’s said that the next season of Stranger Things will be inspired by the works of John Carpenter more than ever and we’ll get to see just how everything comes together this summer, when the new run debuts on July 4th.