Amber Heard Calls Out Media For Ignoring Marilyn Manson Allegations

Amber Heard

Earlier this week, musician and actor Marilyn Manson was hit by some serious allegations levelled at him by his former fiancée Evan Rachel Wood. In a social media post, Wood stated that Manson was abusive and that he’d “brainwashed and manipulated” her, and said that she’s “done living in fear of retaliation, slander or blackmail.”

Several of Manson’s former partners have since spoken up as well and claimed that they experienced similar things and now have PTSD as a result of their relationship with him. Ashley Walters and Ashley Lindsay Morgan, for instance, have said that they suffered sleep deprivation, while Sarah McNeilly claims the musician threatened to “bash her face in with a baseball bat.”

Unsurprisingly, the entertainment industry has turned its back on Manson pretty quickly, with his record label dropping him and various television shows he was involved in doing the same. Now, Amber Heard is speaking up on the situation and has seemingly called out the media for ignoring the abuse allegations.

marylin manson

Of course, Heard has been pretty vocal on this particular topic recently, what with the Aquaman star’s seemingly never-ending legal battles with ex-husband Johnny Depp, who she’s claimed subjected her to some serious physical and emotional abuse throughout their relationship.

As you may know, Depp and Manson are actually very good friends, with Johnny having asked Marilyn to be the godfather of his daughter, Lily-Rose Depp. They even have matching tattoos.

Unsurprisingly, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor has yet to speak up on his friend’s current predicament, and likely won’t given what he’s going through himself right now. But it’s clear that Hollywood has turned their back on Marilyn Manson and it’ll likely be a while before they welcome him in again, if they ever do.