Amber Heard Reportedly Interested In Joining The Valiant Universe


The Valiant Comics cinematic universe stumbled out of the gates with last year’s Bloodshot. The Vin Diesel-starring action/superhero movie had the bad luck of releasing in March 2020 – just before theaters locked their doors as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was soon rushed to VOD, where it picked up a decent following.

That wobble hasn’t deterred Sony Pictures, who currently have movies in development based on characters Harbinger, Archer and Armstrong, Shadowman and Faith (with X-O Manowar and Eternal Warrior also rumored to be in the works).

Now we have word from our sources that Amber Heard is interested in making a Valiant heroine her own. Faith is the only female character with a movie confirmed, but I don’t think Heard is a good fit for a young hero intended to promote diversity.

My pick for her would be as Carmen Mirage, who made her debut in Bob Layton and Bernard Chang’s 1993 comic series The Second Life of Dr. Mirage. This sees married couple Hwen and Carmen Mirage investigating paranormal phenomena, with Hwen unexpectedly receiving necromantic powers that leave him unable to touch a living being.

The story follows the strain this puts on their marriage, with the couple working together to untangle various conspiracies. Carmen quickly proves to be a very kickass character with expert martial arts skills, with the story gradually centering on her as Hwen is lost to the world of dead souls.

Dr. Mirage made a relatively recent return in her own comics series in 2019, and there was a The CW show about her in development, but nothing seems to have happened since.

Carmen Mirage is a great concept, an interesting character, and quite distinct from Aquaman‘s Mera. Let’s hope we hear more details soon about whether Amber Heard could be lined up for this or any other Valiant Comics role.