Amber Heard Reportedly Trying To Secure Her Aquaman 3 Role


The general rule of thumb in Hollywood when signing talent to projects designed with the intention of launching a franchise is to hand them a three-picture deal. Not only does that prevent any scheduling conflicts in the event of the first movie becoming a massive hit, but it also stops the actors or actresses in question from trying to negotiate better terms with each new outing.

Of course, it’s by no means a requirement, and Marvel Studios have been happy to tie their stars down for upwards of six pictures, while others take it one blockbuster at a time. We can gather that Warner Bros. and DC Films have been offering deals for at least a pair of superhero outings, too, given that the only marquee name from the DCEU to have publicly signed a new agreement to the best of our knowledge is Henry Cavill, and even then he’d only made the standard three live-action appearances as Superman.

However, insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that Amber Heard is already trying to secure her status for Aquaman 3, months before the first sequel has even started shooting. While specifics haven’t been made clear about how many underwater efforts the 34 year-old signed on for in the first place, it isn’t like Heard is completely unaware of her public perception at the moment, so she might just be trying to guarantee that there’s at least one high paying gig coming down the pipeline.

Close to two million people may have made it clear they don’t want to see it happen, but the actress is still the female lead of the billion dollar franchise, and unless the next court case goes completely against her, then she’ll probably be back for Aquaman 3 as well.