Amber Heard Says She’s Super Excited About Returning In The Justice League Snyder Cut


If you speak Amber Heard’s name loud enough, listen closely and you’ll be able to hear a thousand keyboards tapping in the distance, with the merest mention of the actress enough to spark a furious backlash online. Johnny Depp fans continue to support the fallen star, but in the eyes of the law, he’s the one who came out on the losing end of a legal battle, meaning there’s no genuine reason why her career should suffer as a result.

Campaigns were launched to boycott Fantastic Beasts 3 and Aquaman 2, while the Animaniacs revival also came under fire as the ongoing saga took another strange twist, but nobody appears to have started any sort of action against the Snyder Cut of Justice League, despite Heard being one of the actors brought back for the most recent batch of reshoots.

Then again, fans had already spent two and a half years trying to make the all-new take on the maligned DCEU blockbuster a reality in the first place, so you can understand why they don’t want to undo all of their hard work and focus any sort of negative publicity on the film based on the presence of Heard’s Mera, who’s only going to show up in a couple of scenes anyway.

In a new interview to promote her next role in Stephen King adaptation The Stand on CBS, the 34 year-old opened up on the DCEU project and revealed that she’s super excited to see the finished product when it arrives on HBO Max, and even called Snyder a huge nerd, although it was meant as a term of affection.

“I’m super excited about it. We just wrapped on reshoots and I just love nerds. I f*cking love nerds, excuse my language. He’s a perfect example, Zack is a perfect example of a nerd. You know, I got into this project on The Stand because of another true, die hard nerd, which is Josh Boone, who connected all of us on this project as he was adapting the book for Stephen King. And I think it’s just a good rule of thumb to follow, especially in this genre which I love. It’s like follow the nerd, the nerd passion is where you want to be.”

There’ve been rumors over the last few months that Heard’s role in the DCEU could be expanded. In fact, she might even end up as a permanent member of the Justice League, which is something that a lot of people would no doubt have a major issue with based on recent events. But for now, let’s just hope that some of this commotion will have died down by the time the film hits HBO Max.

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