Amber Heard’s Mera Reportedly Joining The DCEU’s New Justice League


The protracted and ongoing legal battles between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard look set to continue for a long time to come, but the former is the only one to have been dropped from a major franchise. Fans were in uproar when they learned that the 57 year-old’s time as the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow was over, as Disney moves forward on a sixth Pirates of the Caribbean movie and a spinoff starring Margot Robbie without his involvement.

After the public seemed to have definitively sided with Depp, there were widespread calls for Heard to be booted from the DCEU and replaced as Aquaman‘s Mera. Reports had hinted that Warner Bros. were seriously considering the idea after the wave of negative publicity surrounding the female lead of the highest-grossing DC adaptation ever made, but along with the similarly under fire Ezra Miller, the actress appears to be safe for the time being.

Mera will next be seen in the Snyder Cut of Justice League, and now a new report claims that not only is the 34 year-old set to retain her status as a key member of the DCEU, but she might even end up becoming a member of the team herself. According to tipster Mikey Sutton, The Flash is going to reveal the new lineup of the Justice League and Mera will be joining Arthur Curry on the roster.

A lot of fans won’t be happy with the news if it turns out to be true, but Zachary Levi’s Shazam! and whoever ends up being cast as Green Lantern are also said to be welcomed into the fold, which should soften the blow somewhat. If the Snyder Cut turns out to be the success that Warner Bros. are expecting, then it makes sense that they’d want another outing for the Justice League, and any self-respecting superhero team needs to freshen things up every now and again to avoid becoming stale, right?