Zack Snyder Reportedly Wants To Work With Amber Heard Again After Justice League Reshoots


Until her bitter and protracted legal battles opposite ex-husband Johnny Depp turned her into public enemy number one in the eyes of millions of people around the world, Amber Heard‘s involvement in any film or television project would only generate sighs of resignation because she’s never proven herself to be a particularly capable or talented actress.

The 34 year-old has over 50 credits to her name, but is still yet to deliver a performance that’s been the subject of universal critical acclaim, and though her public perception has taken a nosedive recently, the work keeps on coming in much to the chagrin of Depp’s supporters. She’s even pursuing a lucrative sideline as a public speaker giving talks on domestic abuse, something that unsurprisingly isn’t sitting well with many folks.

As you may’ve heard, social media responded to the premiere of CBS’ Stephen King adaptation The Stand by streaming Depp’s back catalogue instead, while over 1.5 million people have lent their support to the petition attempting to have her removed from Aquaman 2. One staunch Heard fan, though, is clearly Zack Snyder, who drafted the actress in to shoot additional scenes for his upcoming HBO Max version of Justice League.

The DCEU’s Mera was full of praise for the filmmaker, too, and insider Daniel Richtman claims that the duo get along so well that they’re actively looking to collaborate on another project. Taking to his Patreon page, he shared the following:

Zack Snyder likes Amber Heard and wants to work with her again likely for a Netflix project.

Snyder has Justice League releasing in March and Netflix’s zombie heist actioner Army of the Dead arriving later on in the year, but after that his schedule is looking clear, while production on Aquaman 2 will presumably keep Amber Heard busy for the majority of 2021. So, if Richtman’s intel checks out, this new collaboration won’t come to fruition for a while yet.