Amber Heard’s Legal Team Tries To Get Johnny Depp’s Lawsuit Tossed For A Third Time

Amber Heard currently has a lot going on for herself. Not only is she returning to the set of Aquaman 2 as Mera, the actress recently announced that she has a new baby daughter through surrogacy. Be that as it may, her personal life is going to get a whole lot more complicated again, thanks to the ongoing court battle with former husband, Johnny Depp.

As you already know, the two celebrities have been going back and forth on legal grounds for years now. Only recently, the attorneys of the respective parties butted heads in the UK court, where the Pirates of the Caribbean star had launched a libel case against The Sun, the publication that had called him a “wife-beater” in 2018. The court ultimately ruled against the star, which led to his firing from the Fantastic Beasts movie franchise.

Now, according to a report by Court House News, after attempting to dismiss the case twice already, it appears that Heard’s team is once again struggling to use the UK verdict to toss the $50 million US defamation lawsuit. Depp’s team, meanwhile, is obviously trying to discredit that argument, so it remains to be seen which side manages to convince the court.

For now, it looks as though Depp’s side is stacking up a solid case against Heard in the defamation lawsuit, the evidence of which can be found in dozens of reports that supposedly show that Depp wasn’t the only one to perpetrate aggression and harassment in their rocky relationship.