DC Reportedly Planning Solo Movies For Amber Heard’s Mera


Even the briefest glance at the internet on any given day would make it perfectly clear that Amber Heard isn’t the most universally beloved presence in Hollywood, which would be putting it lightly. The actress is officially back on the set of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom as Mera, something that’s led her detractors to call for a boycott of both the DCEU sequel and fellow Warner Bros. blockbuster Fantastic Beasts 3.

Throughout that time, there’s been no shortage of rumor and speculation that she was either poised to be fired as the female lead of the billion-dollar franchise, or she was set to get an increase in screentime. On top of that, there’s been a multitude of unconfirmed reports that she’s set to play a much bigger role in the shared universe moving forward, which extends to HBO Max shows, solo movies and a spot on the next iteration of the Justice League roster.

Of course, all of the above remains entirely uncorroborated for now, but tipster Mikey Sutton is doubling down on the notion that Warner Bros. and DC Films have big plans in store for Heard. As per Sutton’s information, Walter Hamada is said to be a huge fan of the 35 year-old, to the extent she’ll be getting a standalone effort titled Mera: Queen of Atlantis.

Sutton goes on to reiterate the opinion we’ve heard before that WB believe the online backlash towards Heard is artificially inflated, with the top brass viewing her as an important asset in the continued expansion of the DCEU. Obviously, one Aquaman spinoff has already been canned after The Trench was thrown onto the scrapheap, and you can guarantee the online community would have plenty to say were Mera: Queen of Atlantis to become a reality.