Amber Heard Rumored To Be In Talks With Marvel For MCU Role

Amber Heard

As Johnny Depp’s star wanes after losing his libel case against News Group Newspapers, Amber Heard‘s rises. The Aquaman actress has come out of the trial looking good, with the judge finding her allegations against Depp credible and prominent public figures offering messages of support. This arrives after a miserable few years of gossip about her role being minimized in Aquaman 2 due to all of the bad publicity.

Now, hot on the heels of reports that Warner Bros. have no intention of firing her from the aforementioned film, insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that Heard has been in talks with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige about making the leap from the DCEU to the MCU.

This isn’t as big a surprise as it sounds, either. Feige apparently once strongly considered casting her as Captain Marvel, though decided to go with Brie Larson due to Heard already playing Mera. But it’s worth considering which superheroes she might be up for portraying who haven’t already featured in the franchise.

One fun option could be Moonstone aka Karla Sofen, a psychologist antihero who gets her powers from extraterrestrial gems, or espionage expert Mockingbird. Then there’s the new Fox IPs to consider, and I could easily see her as the Fantastic Four’s Sue Storm, or perhaps a fresh take on Jean Grey in the X-Men reboot.

In any case, if this pans out and Amber Heard makes it into the MCU, let’s hope she gets a role worthy of her talent. Tell us, though, is there someone in particular who you’d like to see the actress play? As always, let us know in the comments section down below.