Amy Schumer Inks Deal To Join Matrimonial Comedy Who Invited Her


Trainwreck star Amy Schumer has added another comedic project to her bustling slate, with Variety revealing the actress has now closed a deal to produce and star in matrimonial comedy, Who Invited Her?

Toplining the romp as a woman who weasels her way into the bachelor party of her best friend – despite not receiving an invite in the first place, mind you – little else is known about Schumer’s latest creative venture at this early stage. There’s no word of a director, either.

Behind the scenes, it’s understood Reese Witherspoon is attached to produce the movie, overseeing a script that hails from John Phillips (Dirty Grandpa) and Sascha Rothchild (The Carrie Diaries), itself a reworked version of the first draft pitched by Tami Sagher, the scribe best known for her work on sketch series Inside Amy Schumer.

Encouraged by Trainwreck‘s relatively successful turn at the box office – $110 million domestically, no less – Universal is reportedly keen to whip together another light-hearted comedy with Schumer at the crux. Beyond that, the actress has also lined up an untitled Mother’s Day feature with Goldie Hawn, a sibling drama with Jennifer Lawrence – which has all but gone dark since the collaboration was first teased – and Thank You For Your Service, a PTSD drama that will have Schumer dabbling with more dramatic affair.

We’ll be bringing you more information pertaining to Amy Schumer’s latest as Who Invited Her advances toward production. The first port of call, though, will be securing a director.