An Acclaimed Horror Sequel Is Blowing Up On VOD Today

A Quiet Place

One of the eeriest films to come out of 2018 reminded us all that sometimes, it’s best to keep as quiet as possible. Through the duration of A Quiet Place, the Abbot family must live in an existence where the next noise they make could get them killed—and the subsequent noise does.

The Abbots’ son Beau, like most kids, sees a toy with flashing lights and sounds that he’d love to have as his own, but his father, understanding the circumstances at hand, takes it away for the safety of everyone. Beau’s older sister sympathizes with her little brother and returns the toy to him without batteries. Regan couldn’t have known that he grabbed the batteries to put them back in his plane, and things were about to get fatal for poor Beau.

A year later, the family is shown, and things have certainly changed; a guilt-ridden Regan feels responsible for her brother’s death. The creatures are still stalking noise with a vengeance, and Evelyn is expecting another baby. Sound-proofing is at its most high necessity with a new baby on the way. Of course, Beau’s death isn’t the only one that the family will experience, and by the end of the movie, the family takes on a new form as well, this time without their father and husband, Lee.

That leads us to A Quiet Place II, which sees the Abbot family still fighting for survival and, for a flash, what life was like just as the creatures began arriving. The second installment of A Quiet Place alerts us to the fact that the creatures are affected by the high-pitched sound from Regan’s hearing aid. With this knowledge, the family can work with a bit of leverage as they search for other survivors.

If you’ve not yet seen this film, you’re in luck. The movie is available on Paramount Plus and currently ballooning in popularity, according to Flix Patrol. There are new players in the game this time around and hope for a return to some sense of normality.

You can watch A Quiet Place II now on Paramount Plus.