An iconic actor is down to play Beta Ray Bill in the MCU


Following the first trailer for Taika Waititi’s next Marvel effort, the hype for Thor: Love and Thunder is at an all-time high. In particular, folks are psyched to see the movie draw fresh elements from the comics, including Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster transforming into the Mighty Thor and the introduction of Christian Bale’s villain Gorr the God Butcher.

But there’s one major player from the Thor-verse that fans are still waiting to see in the MCU, and as things stand it doesn’t look like they’ll be in Love and Thunder either. Namely, Beta Ray Bill, the horse-faced alien and staunch ally to the Asgardian Avenger. Thankfully, an iconic voice actor has made it known they would be down to play Bill in the franchise — and honestly, they would be perfect casting.

When asked if he would consider portraying the Korbinite crusader in the MCU on Twitter, prolific performer Keith David responded, “In a NY minute!”, resulting in much excitement from the Marvel fandom.

Even if you’re not familiar with his name, you’ve definitely either seen his face or heard Keith David’s voice. As well as appearing in the flesh in such varied projects as The Thing, Requiem for a Dream, and Community, David is known for his many voice acting gigs, including Gargoyles, Adventure Time, Coraline, Archer, and The Princess and the Frog.

With his distinctive deep, gravelly tones, David would be a fantastic choice to bring Beta Ray Bill to life. We know the character’s already out there in the MCU, anyway, seeing as a statue of him appeared at the Contest of the Champions in Thor: Ragnarok. This may set up a secret role for Bill in Thor 4, although we’re skeptical there’s any room for him in the packed plot. If he isn’t in it, then — Marvel, why not give David a call for Thor 5?

Thor: Love and Thunder blasts into theaters on June 8.