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An ill-timed comic book flop seeks a second chance with streaming crowds

Timing is everything, and in this case it couldn't have been worse.

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Cast your mind back to March of 2020, when times were both certain and precedented, and the world was a much different place from where we find it today. Vin Diesel was gearing up for the release of his comic book adaptation Bloodshot, with the Fast & Furious patriarch confidently stating that he was jetting off to China in an effort to promote the film, despite the concerns emerging from Wuhan at the time.

Needless to say, Diesel did not make it over to China in order to hype Bloodshot‘s release, while on the domestic front, the faltering first step towards a Valiant cinematic universe was pulled from theaters in a matter of weeks as both the industry and entire planet ground to an excruciating halt.


Bloodshot did decent numbers on VOD, and fared a great deal better amongst its target audience than it did with critics, but Diesel’s desire to squeeze a sequel into his schedule have so far fallen on deaf ears. He did tease it was in the works, though, but we’ve been hearing the exact same thing about Riddick 4 and The Last Witch Hunter 2 for even longer, and there’s nothing to show for any of them as of yet.

The uninspired, derivative, and altogether very dull stab at superheroism from the tank top aficionado continues to exceed expectations on streaming, it should be said, with Prime Video the latest platform to bring the crushingly uninteresting origin story to its customer base, per FlixPatrol.

The thoughts of Vin Diesel casting aside studio concerns to jet off to China the very same month COVID-19 changed our lives forever is fascinating to think about in hindsight, especially given the fate that ended up befalling Bloodshot.

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